dr hab. inż., prof. nadzw. Witold Wiśniowski

Director of the Institute of Aviation
Witold Wiśniowski, Associate Prof. PhD Eng.

dr inż. Leszek Loroch

Deputy Director of the Institute of Aviation

Director of Center of Space Technologies
Leszek Loroch, PhD Eng.

Director of Materials and Structures Research Center
Antoni Niepokólczycki, PhD Eng.

dr Jerzy Żółtak

Director of Center of New Technologies
Jerzy Żółtak, PhD


Acting Director of Engineering Design Center
Paweł Stężycki, MSc. Eng.


Director of Center of Transportation and Energy Conversion
Sylwester Wyka, MSc. Eng.

mgr Konrad Nazarczuk

Director of Center for Composite Technologies
Konrad Kozaczuk, MSc. Eng.