The lab mission is to continually expand in order to support aviation industry by performing reliable and high quality tests on composite materials.

Composite Testing Laboratory is authorized to perform accreditated tests of composites in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 17025. Technical competences have been confirmed by the Polish Center for Accreditation.

Lab capabilities:

  • Technology process verification,
  • Screening tests,
  • Composite materials qualification,
  • Allowables generation and validation,
  • Experimental tests.



Research offer

Strength Tests: tension – ASTM 3039, compression – ASTM D3410 and ASTM D6641, open-hole compression – ASTM D6484, open-hole tension – ASTM D5766, in-plane shear – ASTM D3518, three-point bending – ASTM D790, long beam flexure – ASTM D7249, flatwise


  MTS 322 test frame: temperaturę range: -130°C ÷ 315°C, 196°C (tension), loading range: 0 – 250 kN, actuator stroke length: 150 mm. MTS 370.10 test frame: loading range: 0 – 100 kN, actuator stroke length: 150 mm.   INSTRON