Hydraulic press model PHBJ 250 with heating-cooling system

Hydraulic press model PHBJ 250 is design for consolidation and thermoforming of thermoplastic carbon composites.

Technical data:

  • Height: 3050 mm
  • Width: 2210 mm
  • Length: 4650 mm
  • Maximum pressure of the main actuator: 25 MPa
  • Maximum working stroke of the main actuator: 500 mm

Main actuator has possibility to move fast with low pressure and slow with high pressure. The maximum of the low pressure  is 2,5 MPa.

  • Speed of the fast move of the main actuator: 33 mm/s
  • Speed of the slow move of the main actuator: 2,6 mm/s – 5 mm/s
  • The acoustic pressure level for operator not exceed value of 80 dBA
  • Power: 3x380V, 50Hz

Microscope LEICA DMS 1000

Digital microscope system for digital inspection, observation and measurement. From tiniest detail to an overview, the optics ensures magnification of up to 300x. The built-in HDMI microscope camera provides full high definition live images of up to 30fps and a resolution of 5Mpixels. The Leica DMS1000 with coded zoom optics can be used as stand-alone or connected to a computer offering accurate 2D-measurements by using Leica Application Suite (LAS) software. The observation platform of the microscope has possibility to move in the X-Y plane with high accuracy which allows to get the very high quality measurements. Additionally the LAS software allows to assembly of the pictures in Z axis.

The main technical data of the LEICA DMS 1000 microscope system:

  • Parfocal lens
  • Achromatic lens with working distance 27-303 mm,
  • Maximum resolution 337 lp/mm,
  • Field of view (X axis) 82 mm,
  • Field of view (Y axis) 46 mm,
  • Depth of Field 34 mm,
  • Magnification range  6x-299x for 22″ monitor.
  • Possibility to use the observation in UV light.

Technical data of the digital camera:

  • Resolution 5.0 MP
  • Recording speed 30 fps
  • Recording directly to SD card
  • Controlled by the microscope / computer / remote control IR