18th Polish-American Conference on Science and Technology – 100 years of Polish science and industry cooperation


On May 24-25, 2018, the Institute of Aviation hosted the “18th Polish-American Conference on Science and Technology -100 years of Polish science and industry cooperation”. The event was attended by 200 experts from Poland, Europe and the United States. The honorary patronage over the conference included: the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Ministry of Investment and Development and the Industrial Development Agency.

This year’s edition was exceptional due to the special event planned for this occasion – signing a letter of intent regarding the construction of the ILX-34 aircraft. Involved in the project were the Institute of Aviation, the Polish Armaments Group and the Industrial Development Agency, whose representatives: Paul Stężycki – Director of the Institute of Aviation, Jakub Skiba – President of the Polish Armament Group and Andrzej Kensbok – Vice President of the Management Board of the Industrial Development Agency jointly signed the letter of intent expressing their will to cooperate in the construction of a new Polish airplane. The honorary patron of the letter was the Ministry of Enterpreneurship and Technology, represented at the event by Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz.

The initiation of a new aviation project was part of the 100th anniversary of Polish Aviation celebrated this year. On the occasion of the anniversary the conference also gained its subtitle “100 years of Polish science and industry cooperation”, which underlines the involvement of the Institute of Aviation in providing the highest quality services and research for industry.

The Polish-American Conference on Science and Technology has for years been a place of exchange of ideas, inspiring discussions and meetings with inspiring guests.

The conference participants listened to numerous presentations in thematic sessions devoted to aerospace and aviation technologies, defense and security, trends in new technologies as well as composite and additive technologies.

An addition to the scientific sessions was an expert panel organized on the first day, whose participants debated on the challenges for the commercialization of research and development.

The event was also the place where doctoral diplomas were handed out to people who recently defended their work at the Institute of Aviation.

The Institute of Aviation, together with Ohio State University, hosted leading aviation and space industry experts for the 18th time. Among the invited guests were representatives of the Polish and American academic institutions and companies, such as General Electric Company Poland, Ohio State University, the University of Cincinnati, ZIN Technologies, Polish Armaments Group, Civil Aviation Authority, AGH University of Science and Technology, Air Force Institute of Technology, Institute of Organic Industry, and the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials.

Papers for this year’s event were prepared and delivered by Professor Jin Wang (OSU), Professor Piotr Wolański and Michał Kawalec (Institute of Aviation), Professor Jim Gregory (OSU), Alan Chmiel (ZIN Technologies), Małgorzata Darowska, Michał Witkowski (CAA), Professor Cezary Galiński and Krzysztof Łowczycki (Institute of Aviation), Konrad Kozaczuk (Institute of Aviation), Matthew McCrink (OSU), Bart Zalewski (ZIN Technologies), Tomasz Gugała (PGZ), Professor Antoni Jankowski and Miroslaw Kowalski (AFIT), Adam Okniński (Institute of Aviation), Dariusz Rykaczewski (AFIT), Professor Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezińska (OSU), Marcin Lenarczyk (Institute of Aviation), Michał Malecki (General Electric Company Polska), Professor Mark Turner (UoC), Wojciech Krauze (Institute of Aviation), Krzysztof Dragan (AFIT), Radosław Guzikowski (Institute of Aviation), Rafał Bogusz, Katarzyna Gańczyk-Specjalska and Rafał Lewczuk (IOI), Krzysztof Perkowski (ICBM), Professor Adam Wiśniewski, Rafał Jakubowski and Sebastian Szałkowski (Institute of Aviation).

All presentations will be published in the next issue of the Journal of Polish-American Science and Technology.

The official website of the conference: www.ilot.edu.pl/pac.

Pictures from the event: gallery 1, gallery 2.


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