7FP & Own Initiatives

Research projects and support actions performed under the 7th Framework Programme and own initiatives:


Own initiatives:

“STARLET” – “Basic wind tunnel investigation to explore the use of Active Flow Control technology for aerodynamic load control” – project co-financed by the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking and the Institute of Aviation with support from the Ministry of Science, led by Janusz Sznajder Ph.D.Eng.

Multi-level Embedded Closed-Loop Control System for Fluidic Active Flow Control Actuation Applied in High-Lift and HighSpeed Aircraft Operations

“Passive protection of mobile objects (air and landbased) against AP missiles” – development project carried out in a consortium of ten partners at the Independent Landing Gear Laboratory, led by Rafała Kajka Ph.D. Eng.

“Unmanned helicopter – robot for special tasks” – development project carried out by the Project Leaders Team in a consortium with the Airforce Technical Institute and WZL-1, led by Kazimierz Szumański Prof.Ph.D. Eng. More…

“A detection-based collision avoidance system with obstacle avoidance maneuver prediction function for helicopters” – development project carried out by the Project Leaders Team, led by Jarosław Stanisławski Ph.D.Eng.

“An effective and cost-efficient aircraft flutter analysis method based on resonance test results” – research project carried out at the Composites Laboratory, led by Wojciech Chajec, M.Sc.Eng.


7th Framework Programme:

“ASCOS” – „Aviation Safety and Certification of new Operations and Systems”

 CARGOMAP” – „Air cargo technology road map”

“ESPOSA” – “Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft” – The goal of the ESPOSA project is to develop new key components for small gas turbine engines up to 1000 kW and to develop new lean manufacture technologies.

“SAT” – “Small Air Transport”

“TFAST” – “Transition Location Effect on Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction” – The main objective of the TFAST project is to study the effect of laminar-turbulent transition location on the structure of interaction. More information…

“AEROFAST” – “Aerocapture for future space transportation” – New technology of aerodynamic braking of spacecraft.

“GRASP” – “Green Advanced Space Propulsion” – Alternative propulsion materials for space application.

“CopAIR-LA” – A scheme supporting European research co-operation with Latin American countries in the field of aviation.

“AEROPORTAL” – A scheme supporting research and development activity of European Small and Medium sized Aviation Enterprises.