Dear Sirs,

the Center of New Technologies was established in June 2005 and is the second largest division of our Institute just after EDC (Engineering  Design Center).

Currently the Center employs 160 highly qualified specialists, who are engaged in research and development work in such areas as experimental aerodynamics and CFD, propulsions, avionics, aviation structures (designing), composites, aviation under-carriages, and lately space technologies and adaptronics.

Most of the projects are carried out and financed within the frame of domestic competitions of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Innovative Economy Operational Programme and Framework Programmes of the European Union (6FP, 7FP).

In performing its basic mission the CNT also cooperates with Polish and European enterprises supporting their development by increasing the competitiveness of their products or by developing, transferring and implementing new technologies at those enterprises.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Center of New Technologies is a place where new and very interesting projects are created. The CNT has the appropriate potential (design studios, laboratories and aerodynamic tunnels), which allows us to comprehensively resolve all technical problems and develop new products and technologies.

The CNT is open to new challenges and co-operation with anyone who needs help in solving difficult technical problems in the field of aviation engineering and beyond. Apart from aviation engineering, the Center also supports the development of medicine, renewable energy sources, security, police and fire brigade technology.

We invite you to cooperate with the Center of New Technologies of the Institute of Aviation.

Kind regards,

Director of Center of New Technologies

Jerzy Żółtak, Ph.D.

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