Dear Sirs,

In April 2000 General Electric Aircraft Engines, General Electric Company Polska and the Institute of Aviation  concluded a technical cooperation agreement. The purpose of that agreement was to use highly qualified Polish engineers and the capabilities of the Institute of Aviation in the development work carried out by General Electric Aircraft Engines. Due to legal restrictions binding American firms and the need to protect intellectual property of GE, it was necessary to create appropriate organisational solutions.

The Engineering Design Center has been set up and consists of two parts:

– The EDC division of the Institute of Aviation, in which Institute’s employees perform engineering work according to the needs of GE.

– A branch of General Electric Company Polska, whose employees are responsible for the observance of the rules and procedures in force at GEAE.

In addition, the Institute of Aviation provides offices and administrative support for EDC. Thanks to this agreement, over 800 engineering jobs have been created, with prospects for future growth.

Engineers working at EDC have access to the latest technologies and work methods. In their daily work they utilise the most advanced analytical and calculation tools, and have opportunities  for continuous professional development.

The activity of EDC bodes well for the future development of this organisation and is a valuable experience, clearing the path for scientific and research establishments turning into centers providing engineering services to the industry.

Kind regards,

Director of  Engineering Design Center

Paweł Stężycki, MSc.Eng.

Our website adress: www.edc.pl