Techdesign company was established in 2005. We specialize in design and development of embedded systems and professional electronic solutions at the highest level of complexity and sophistication, resulting from: extreme speed of data transfer and processing, required enormous calculation power, high degree of calculation algorithm complication, particular environmental conditions and other required functional parameters, that meet indicated reliability and quality standards (military, aeronautics and others).


Scope of offered services, encompassing electronic construction and embedded software:

− Technical problem analysis
− Research and development works
− Preparation of conception and detailed technical design
− Preparation of models and prototypes
− Tests of prototypes and products
− Preparation of serial production
− Training of customer personnel
− Warranty and post-warranty service
− Technical consultancy and expert services

Techdesign company offer is addressed to all branches of industry, including but not limited to: aeronautics, military, marine, telecommunication, manufacturing , medical.


We offer design, development and production of prototype embedded system solutions using following technologies:

− Programmable FPGA / CPLD chips
− IP Cores
− DSP, MCU, CISC processors
− Microprocessors & microcontrollers
− SMD elements, multilayer printed circuits boards
– EUROCARD system mechanics


Since the beginning of its existence Techdesign company is engaged in realization of European research & development projects in the area of modern, innovative electronic solutions for customers mainly from European aeronautic industry as well as Polish military and marine industry.