Fine Art Painting by Zbigniew Pągowski


Zbigniew Tomasz Pągowski PhD. Eng.

Zbigniew Tomasz Pągowski, Ph.D. is the Chief Scientist at the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw, Poland. He is also one of its main contributors in the field of engine and biofuel research. Currently Zbigniew Pągowski is also a partner to a futuristic European project called „The Endless Runway”, about which we wrote a few months ago. Not everyone knows though that Mr. Pągowski is also a licensed glider pilot. Most surprising, however, are his achievements in the field of Fine Arts. His works may be found in private collections in Poland and abroad. Our gallery features some of the paintings, including a copy of the famous work by Piotr Michałowski, entitled „The Blue Boy”, which was painted by Zbigniew Pągowski at the very beginning of his artistic career, under the supervision of his father Zdzisław Pągowski, a famous multi-talented artist from Łowicz. Other paintings presented in our gallery reflect various stages of Zbigniew Pągowski’s artistic life, which continued to develop after his father had passed away. They depict: Królikarnia Palace (in winter and in the autumn), flowers painted in different styles, Diana Temple in Arkadia near Łowicz, still life – “The Fish”, Jeziorak Lake in Iława and another still life – “The Candlestick”. As you may notice, their author finds pleasure in depicting nature and has gradually developed his own painting style and colour palette, basing on the artistic traditions of his family home.


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