Institute of Aviation and Association “Sercem Malowane” take children to the skies


„Reaching the clouds” – a charity auction of the Association “Sercem Malowane” and the Institute of Aviation is being held from 1st till 14th April 2016. As a part of the event an online auction has been launched, containing the original illustrations to the jubilee calendar and other works of art. All the proceeds from the sale of the works will go to financing an aviation holiday for underprivileged children that have proven to be highly motivated and committed to their learning.

–  Raising funds may become a motivator for the children to pursue their otherwise  unattainable dreams. Commitment to learning, which will be awarded with a journey by plane and dream holidays, that is the aim of our collection. We hope that the acquired funds will allow our children to experience an unforgettable adventure – said Małgorzata Wierzbicka, a librarian at Szkoła Podstawowa nr 87 and the president of the Association “Sercem Malowane”.

– Hard work brings surprisingly positive results. The collection and auction, organized with the help of the Institute of Aviation, prove that it is so. We want the children, who have achieved success in science, especially those from families struggling with a difficult financial situation, to be rewarded with awesome holidays –  added Katarzyna Nowak-Zawadzka, a teacher at Szkoła Podstawowa nr 87 and the vice-president of the Association “Sercem Malowane”.

The Institute of Aviation, located at the Warsaw “Okęcie” 90 years, became a partner of the Association and donated works of art to the auction.

– We always support our local community. It’s where we came from and where we operate. We want the youngest, regardless of their material situation, to have an opportunity to fulfill their dreams. This is why we provided the original works, which were included in this year’s jubilee calendar, and the works of art that we were given by the befriended artists. We hope their works will sell for a lot! – said Witold Wiśniowski, the director of the Institute of Aviation.

At the auction dozens of drawings, paintings and graphics, created specifically for this occasion, will be exhibited. Their creators are artists from Poland, USA, Hungary, Iran, Lithuania, France, Australia, Belgium, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Argentina.

Apart from the auction, a fundraising party will be held.

An online auction is being held at: All works will be available at: and too.

The event is a part of the celebrations of the Institute of Aviation 90th jubilee and is held under the Honorary Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda.


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