Institute of Aviation at ILA Berlin 2018


The Institute of Aviation marked its presence at the largest event for aviation and space sector in Europe – ILA Berlin 2018 that was held at the EXPO Center Airport in Berlin on April 25-29, 2018. The event was attended by over 1,000 exhibitors from 37 countries and 150,000 visitors. The importance of the fair was also showed by the presence of German chancellor Angela Merkel.

The ILA Berlin 2018 program provided  a series of workshops and conferences devoted to the selected issues related to the aviation and aerospace sectors.

Director of the Institute of Aviation, Paweł Stężycki, director of the Center of Space Technologies, Leszek Loroch and the director of the Center of New Technologies, Jerzy Żółtak, participated in the most important conference during the fair – Berlin Aviation Summit. The conference was a meeting place for high-ranking international guests from politics, aerospace industry, airlines, agencies and finance as well as it gave an opportunity for discussion about the condition of aviation. The debate was focused on how digitization and energy transformation will change and shape the future air transport system. The conference was a joint event of the German Aerospace Industry (BDLI) and the German Aaerospace Center (DLR).

The Berlin Aviation Summit was opened by Rolf Henke, head of DLR and Klaus Richter, head of BDLI. They talked about the need for close cooperation between science, R&D centers and industry. According to the hosts, meetings of this type are aimed, first, to integrate the environment. An additional goal is to highlight the situation in science and the aviation industry, held talks about development directions, etc.

Delegates of the Institute of Aviation also participated in a meeting with representatives of the IFAR organization (International Forum for Aviation Research). The director of the Institute of Aviation held talks with Catalin Nae – the director of INCAS (National Institute for Aerospace Research) on the Polish-Romanian research project.

The CleanSky2 consortium also presented its projects at the fair. The director of the Center of New Technologies, Jerzy Żółtak, met with Joeri De Ruytter, representative of R&T Business Development and Partnerships (Honeywell Ambassador). The subject of the meeting was related to the need to take actions to maintain the SAT topic in the CleanSky3 program. The need to prepare a programming document was jointly recognized. A representative of the Institute of Aviation also proposed Warsaw as a meeting place for stakeholders.

During the ILA Berlin 2018, the stand of the Polish aerospace sector was also organized. National entities benefited from the meetings with foreign partners and from presenting their information and promotion materials. The purpose of the Polish stand was to promote the achievements and offers of the domestic aviation and space sector entities and to facilitate Polish companies to establish contacts with foreign partners.


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