International Conference TransNav 2013


Between 19 and 21 of June, X TransNav 2013 international conference was held in Gdynia, bringing together experts maritime transport and navigation from around the world. At the conference, our specialists Dr.Eng. Zbigniew Pągowski and Dr.Eng. Krzysztof Szafran presented the “Baltic Sea Logistics and Transportation Problems”, paper. “Ground Effect” Shipping on the Baltic Sea “, and “Pollution at Sea, Cargo Safety, Environment protection and Ecology”, as well as lecture “The Ecological Hovercraft-Dream or Reality.”Both papers aroused great interest in maritime professionals and received concrete proposals for cooperation. The entire conference material is available in a monograph entitled “Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation,” which was delivered to the participants of the conference. President Lech Walesa took part in the conference as a special guest. The next edition of the conference will be held Transnav in 2015.


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