HR Policy

The HR policies of the Institute of Aviation are based on the European Charter for Researchers and The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, and have as their central premises:

  • definition of a researcher as a professional engaged in creating new technologies
  • ongoing recruitment and assessment of researchers
  • corporate knowledge, training and good career prospects for young researchers
  • knowledge management, knowledge being understood as experience and competences of professionally active researchers

HR priorities are a key management area in the Institute of Aviation. The aim of HR policies is to assure sound management of human resources through recruiting, developing and retaining highly effective staff for the successful achievement of the objectives and tasks of the Institute of Aviation.

HR priorities are to ensure professional development of researchers through creating an environment conducive to raising competences, implementing an effective training system, and running transparent procedures for professional assessment, promotion and remuneration as key motivational factors. HR polices encourage various forms of continuous professional growth. Employees of the Institute of Aviation take part in specialized training courses, workshops, symposia and scientific confe-rences in order to gain new experience and, at the same time, establish the presence of the Institute on an increasingly competitive market. The Institute also provides free English language training to employees who need to use at work. All employees are covered by private medical insurance, which includes periodic health screening, as well as access to basic and specialist medical services.

The specifics of the Institute’s activities require flexibility in managing human resources to achieve the best possible balance of competencies and experience in project teams. Based on this guideline, employees over 50 years old participate in the work of project teams, thus having the opportunity to continuously improve their qualifications and share their experience with younger researchers.

The Institute cooperates on a continuous basis with technical universities in Poland in order to recruit graduates and last year students of faculties related to its area of activity.

HR policies and their implementation are subject to evaluation, verification and modification, based on EU standards and best practices.