The first KONES Congress was organised in Karpacz – Wroclaw – Warsaw in 1975 making it the longest established international conference on powertrain and transport means in Poland, Central and East Europe, and since 2005, as the European KONES, in Europe and the World – together with Japan SME – ESD.

Since then, the KONES has been organised by a different university together with Institute of Aeronautics, Permanent Committee of KONES and mostly Polish Academy of Sciences every year.

Since 1977 the KONES Congresses have been organised as the International KONES Congresses and since 2005, after the ascension of Poland to the European Union, as the International European Congresses.

The biggest participations in the organization of the KONES Congresses close by the Institute of Aeronautics and Polish Academy of Sciences have: Gdansk University of Technology, Poznan University of Technology and Wroclaw University of Technology. Most outstanding science and the practice representatives from home and all the world participate in the International Honorary and Scientific KONES Committees. Young scientific workers also participate in the KONES Congresses, what makes possible them competency improvement and obtainment of scientific degrees and titles.

Nearly 100 Polish scientists – active, presenting reports, participants of KONES Congresses gained scientific titles of the professor. Tens thousand references for KONES Congresses are found on servers domestic and world internet – pages. KONES publications make essential positions in scientific curriculum vitae of outstanding participants and authors of the KONES Congresses from the all the world.

Participants of the KONES Congresses have been delegates from such well-known, leading world scientific and industrial centres as Adam Opel AG Germany, AECC Belgium, AVL Austria, Ben Gurion University Israel, British ICE Research Institute UK, BRTRC Technology Research Center USA, Brunel University of West London UK, Budapest University Hungary, Cambridge University UK, Corning NY USA, Cummins USA, Czech Technical University in Prague Czech Republic, Daimler Chrysler Canada, Degusa Metals Catalysts Cerdec AG Germany, Detroit Diesel USA, Drezno University Germany, Eindoven University of Technology The Netherlands, ELSBETT Technologie GmbH Germany, Energy Industries of Ohio USA, Energy Industries of Ohio USA, European Fuel Cell Forum Switzerland, FIAT Research Center Italy, Fleetguard Technology Development WI USA, FEV Motorentechnik Germany, Flour Co. VA USA, Ford Motor Company USA, GE USA, General Motors USA, Gunma University Japan, Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh Scotland, Hokkaido University Japan, Horiba Japan, Hosei University Japan, ICE Engines Laboratory Maddras India, Institut fur Fahrzeugbau Wolfsburg (IFBW) Germany, Instituto Motori C.N.R. Italy, Isparta University Turkey, Jaguar Cars UK, Japan SME-ESD, Kistler Austria, Kyoto University Japan, Kolbenwerke Harzgerode Germany, Lithuanian University of Agriculture Lithuania, Melbourne University Australia, Minsk University Belarus, MIT MA USA, Moscow State University Russia, Nagoya Institute of Technology Japan, National Aerospace Laboratory Japan, National Automotive Center MI USA, National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory Japan, Nis University of Technology Yougoslavia, NIITEK VA USA, Nissan Diesel Motor Co. Ltd Japan, Oxford University UK, Optrand, Inc. USA, Peugeot France, Scania Sweden, Rostock University Germany, Russian Academy of Sciences Russia, Russian River Register Russia, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Slovakia, St. Petersburg State Technical University Russia, Structural Dynamics Research Corporation Ohio USA, TAM Industrial Vehicles Slovenia, Technische Hochschule Zwickau Germany, Transport Academy of Ukraine Ukraine, TSI USA, Universite de Poitiers France, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, University of Applied Sciences Biel-Bienne Switzerland, University of Applied Sciences, Amberg-Weiden Germany, University of Berkeley CA, University of Birmingham UK, University College London UK, University of Kragujevac Yuguslavia, University of Magdeburg Germany, University of Maribor Slovenia, University of Windsor Canada, University of Wisconsin – Madison WI USA, University of Zilina Slovakia, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Lithuania, Volkswagen AG Germany, Waseda University Japan, Washington State University WA USA etc.

The only Polish publication, in the scientific biography of distinguished world scientist, the Foreign Member of Polish Academy Sciences, Prof. Antoni K. Oppenheim (Berkeley University), the author of 324 scientific contributions is connected with the KONES Congresses and found in the position under the number of 278 of his curriculum vitae.