Mielec aircrafts in the skies of the world – Historical Library 10 – Janusz Chojecki and Józef Oleksiak


Written in vivid language and rich in photographs, the next in the series Historical Library of the Institute of Aviation.To a large extent, book is dedicated to the people who worked on the development of Mielec factory in the centrally planned economy, dominated politically and economically by the Soviet system. The authors of this publication – Janusz Chojecki, an employee of the Division of Export and Joseph Oleksiak, builder of aircraft carriers – contributed significantly to sales of more than 700 agricultural aircraft Dromedary to about 20 countries around the world. These aircraft are flying out there today. Reading Mielec aircraft in the world skies, book provides not only historical knowledge, but also shows the atmosphere of the time. By issuing this volume editor hopes that this will be an interesting item for fans of the history of Polish aviation industry and the Polish Air Force.


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