Since its inception, the Institute of Aviation has been engaged in research aimed at practical application of the results of its work. The main areas of scientific interest included the development of aeronautics and astronautics. The Institute of Aviation achieved significant results in this field, confirmed by research and operation of aircraft, helicopters, meteorological rockets, engines and instrumentation, in which concepts developed at the Institute were deployed.

The development policy of the Institute of Aviation is based on continuing the traditional areas of research. These include aerodynamics, design and testing of aviation structures, aviation instrumentation, propulsions and on intensive implementation of new areas, such as CAD, new materials testing techniques, design of adaptation systems, application of micro- and nano-technology, use of alternative energy sources, application of aviation technologies in medicine and health protection and finally local aviation transport.

Applied research and implementation works are carried out in cooperation with domestic scientific and manufacturing centers through joint projects and orders for research services.

Poland’s membership in the European Union has created wide opportunities for cooperation in the area of applied research and development work. The Institute of Aviation has successfully joined the European research area thanks to its partnership participation in the EU programmes. Another impulse was provided by the Operational Projects carried out by the Institute of Aviation.

The position of the Institute depends on the quality and commitment of its employees. A generation switch has taken place. Research teams consist of young, well educated employees, who thanks to the projects carried out by the Institute can realise their scientific and professional ambitions. The Institute of Aviation supports them in their endeavours.

The Institute of Aviation is in a phase of dynamic development resulting from correct strategic decisions, consistent pursuit of the chosen directions and the quality, activity and commitment of its employees to this process.

Paweł Stężycki, PhD Eng.
Director of the Institute of Aviation


Tests Design Analysis, expertises, certification Management Others Structural tests Static and fatigue tests Dynamic tests Fatigue tests Operational tests Strain gauge measurements Noise measurements Vibration measurements and analysis Materials tests Mechanical testing of metallic materials Creep tests Non-destructive tests Magnetic tests Ultrasonic tests Penetrant tests Visual tests Eddy current tests Radiographic tests X-ray diffraction tests

Materials & Structures Research Center

The mission of the Materials and Structures Research Center (MSRC) is to implement the latest technologies in strength testing of materials and sub-assemblies of aircraft engines as well as other structures operating under heavy mechanical loads at abroad range of temperatures. MSRCs main Clients are from the following industries: Aviation industry Food processing industry Automotive

The Center of New Technologies

The mission of the Center of New Technologies is to provide R&D services to Polish and foreign companies to help them raise their competitiveness.   The CNT offers services to the following industries: Aviation industry Automotive industry Chemical industry Railway industry Energy industry Construction industry Space technologies industry Shipbuilding industry Defence industry Rail industry The

Center of Space Technologies

The mission of the Center of Space Technologies is carrying out research in the scope of space technologies for the requirements of their implementation by domestic and international companies.   The Center conducts research in: Aircraft propulsion Space technologies Avionics Acquisition and data processing The Center of Space Technologies offers R&D works in the following

The Center for Composite Technologies

The mission of the Center for Composite Technologies of the Institute of Aviation is to deliver composite material tests, new composite technology solutions for the aviation industry and the conduct of R&D projects.   The Center for Composite Technologies offers: Impact tests for damage resistance – ASTM D7136 Physico-chemical tests for thermal expansion – ASTM

Center of Transportation and Energy Conversion

The mission of the Center of Transportation and Energy Conversion is to carry out research and development activities in field of accumulation and conversion of energy and in the field related to the means of transport especially in aviation industry. Scope of activity: Transportation department: New generation vehicles Local vehicle management systems Landing gears and

Scientific & technical information

The Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation is engaged in the scope of scientific and technical information, innovation and protection of intellectual and industrial property, as well as furthering the innovativeness of enterprises, especially by propagating scientific and technical information also through its library operations. The Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation scientific

Cooperation offer

The Institute of Aviation is one of the largest scientific institutes in Europe. With over 89 years of experience, it employs 1,800 engineers, researchers and scientists. There are currently 30 specialized laboratories and centers at the Institute, including the largest wind tunnel in Central and Eastern Europe which underwent renovation in 2015. The R&D services