Polish Innovation in Advanced Materials & Nanotechnologies


On 1 December 2014 Director of the Materials and Structures Research Center, Antoni Niepokólczycki, participated in the conference “Polish Innovation in Advanced Materials & Nanotechnologies” in Tel-Aviv.

The event, organized by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy and the National Centre for Research and Development, attracted almost 60 participants from Poland including universities, research institutes, companies and public institutions. The Israeli side was represented by representatives of government, research institutes and universities. The conference also attracted a significant number of Israeli firms, including those from the aviation sector.

The conference consisted of four plenary sessions followed by B2B meetings.

During one of the plenary sessions, Antoni Niepokólczycki gave a presentation on the Institute of Aviation and the Materials & Structures Research Center. During B2B meetings with representatives of selected firms, he presented a new method for flutter flight testing, which is an outcome of the project performed under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy, currently being patented in Europe, US and Canada.

The participation of Antoni Niepokólczycki in the conference “Polish Innovation in Advanced Materials & Nanotechnologies” was founded under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.


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