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17th Polish-American Conference on Science and Technology [19 May 2017] Great photo exhibition on the 90th anniversary of the Institute of Aviation [26 April 2016] [.zip 9 MB] Reaching the clouds – a charity auction of the Association “Sercem Malowane” and the Institute of Aviation [01 April 2016] – press release and graphics [.zip, 4 MB] The hi-tech Gas Turbine Center has been opened [21 January 2016] – press release and photos [.zip, 63 MB] Opening of largest Gas Turbine Center in Europe [15 January 2016]


Paweł Stężycki, PhD Eng., Director of the Institute of Aviation

Sylwester Wyka, MSc. Eng., Deputy Director of the Institute of Aviation

About Institute of Aviation

The Institute of Aviation is a national research and development center located in Warsaw, Poland.

The activity of the Institute of Aviation is focused on providing services in design, engineering and research in the field of aviation and aerospace technologies. The Institute of Aviation cooperates with the European Union countries and at the transatlantic level in the field of: aircraft constructions, aerospace technology, safety, aircraft engines, aerodynamics, propulsions, composites and material tests.


Our mission is to provide research services of the highest quality to companies worldwide.


The Institute of Aviation consists of six research centres:

  • Materials and Structures Research Center
  • Center of New Technologies
  • Center for Composite Technologies
  • Center of Space Technologies
  • Center of Transportation and Energy Conversion
  • Engineering Design Center


We are determined to achieve our strategic objectives of:

  • becoming a world leading research center
  • increasing our competitiveness  in the global research market.

Our strategy is based on both stimulating and actively participating in diverse international scientific priorities. The Institute of Aviation continues and expands its research into all aspects of the aviation sector.

We promote and implement research results and conduct educational activity through cooperation with institutions and organizations worldwide. We invest in the development of a scientific research workforce and infrastructure.  We aim at enhancing human potential.

The Institute of Aviation executes a strategy towards a knowledge-based society and economy.

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The history of the Institute of Aviation is inextricably linked with the most important events in the history of Polish aviation – from the first years after Poland regained its independence, through the twentieth century, to the new millennium.

The origins of the Institute of Aviation date back to the mid-twenties of the twentieth century. The Technical Institute of Aviation was officially founded on 1st August 1926. The role of the Institute was to carry out the certification of Polish aviation industry products. Until the outbreak of World War II, the Institute tested over 100 airplanes and gliders for military and civilian purposes.

After the Second World War, rebuilding of the research base was started along with relaunching of activities of the Institute. In late forties and early fifties the Institute started actively a cooperation with the Polish aviation industry. It was at the Institute of Aviation where a preliminary design and a model jet aircraft TS-11 Iskra was developed. The first Polish multipurpose helicopter BZ-4 Zuk was also constructed here. Aircraft and helicopters tests have been carried out in the coming decades. At the same time, the engine tests – eg. the first Polish jet engine SO-1, which started in 1956 – were also performed.

In the years 1955-1979 an advanced work in the field of rocket technology, eg. construction of Meteor meteorological rockets, was carried out. Since 1969, the Institute of Aviation has also been involved in the space research. Forty-five years after work in this area had begun, the Center of Innovative Aeronautical and Space Technologies, which would be one of the most competitive units of this type in Poland, was established at the Institute.

At the beginning of the new millennium the Institute of Aviation has entered a new stage of development. In 2000, it began a strategic partnership with General Electric under which the engineering office – Engineering Design Center – which employs more than 1,800 Polish engineers, was established. On the other hand, under the offset agreement signed in 2004 between the company Pratt&Whitney and the Institute of Aviation, the Materials and Structures Research Center was established. The cooperation with international companies allowed the Institute of Aviation to provide services on the global research market. As a result of this cooperation, a number of modern laboratories equipped with the latest equipment and measuring devices were established.

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Instytut Lotnictwa



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Institute of Aviation



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Centrum Badań Materiałów i Konstrukcji



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Materials and Structures Research Center



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Center of New Technologies



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Centrum Technologii Kompozytowych



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Center for Composite Technologies



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Centrum Technologii Kosmicznych



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Center of Space Technologies




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Center of Transportation and Energy Conversion


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Engineering Design Center




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