PRP-560 hovercraft powered by bio-ethanol fuel BIO 85


In the Institute of Aviation on an experimental hovercraft PRP-560 “Ranger” BIO85 ethanol biofuel were tested.
BIO85, advertised by PKN Orlen as biofuel future, is a special mixture of gasoline (15%) and ethanol (85%), which is currently avaliable on the market for 5.70 zł / liter of fuel. The fuel was purchased at the gas station PKN Orlen on Wawelska str., produced by the decree of Minister of Economy of 22 January 2009 regarding quality requirements for liquid fuels (Dz.U. 2009 nr 18 poz. 98 Załącznik nr 3).
Hovercraft PRP – 560 was equipped with a drive unit consisting of two liter motor engine GM l DOHC 130 hp, belt transmission and fan Multi Wing. The main purpose of the experiment was to determine the basic parameters of the traction of the vehicle including thrust, fuel consumption, emission of toxic fumes and external/internal noise of the experimental hovercraft PRP-560.
The results of the first attempts to hovercraft confirmed our previous work on aircraft engines, “Franklin”, where used fuel like a german CropPower85 which is produced according to DIN 51625.
No significant changes in the strength or of noise made by hovercraft have been noticed. Start-up and engine performance were stable. The emission of toxic factors in the exhaust were greatly reduced.
Further studies will be conducted polygonal on Zalew Zegrzyński. We hope that the results of these tests will help to support the idea of biofuels that reduce the environmental pollution on land, sea and air!

The report of the tests we present in subsequent messages.

Dr. Eng. Krzysztof Szafran
Dr. Eng. Zbigniew Pągowski


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