The Engineering Design Center was established in April 2000 under an agreement between the aviation engines department of GE (General Electric Aircraft Engines) and the Institute of Aviation. Since the beginning, the Center has been developing very dynamically. Currently Polish engineers support with their work not only GE’s aviation engines department, but also other departments, such as Energy or Oil Industry.

EDC is one of several global establishments  of GE, located outside the USA and co-operates with such GE businesses like GE Aviation, GE Energy, GE Oil&Gas or GE Rail. Engineers working at the Engineering Design Center design and improve parts of aviation engines, turbine ship propulsions and turbines for land based use (e.g. aviation derivative gas turbines used as electricity generators), high power gas turbines, steam turbines, as well as boilers and environmental protection equipment, such as filters and electro filters. EDC engineers also participate in design work, analyses, technical support of such machines like compressors, turbo expanders and gas turbines used in the oil and chemical industry. Work also includes production support and testing parts and components.

EDC in Poland cooperates with other GE centres in India, Mexico, Turkey and with firms in, among others, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Romania, South Korea and Taiwan.

The Engineering Design Center allows the utilisation of the intellectual potential of the best graduates of Polish universities of technology, thus enabling the most talented Engineering graduates to stay in Poland. Thanks to the fact that EDC has the services of the most talented Polish engineers, it can participate in ambitious international projects, such as designing the latest jet engines.

The development of the EDC is planned longterm. The Center employs approximately 800 engineers and constantly increases the number of staff.

Engineers working at EDC Aviation are divided into teams designing individual elements of jet engines.

They include:

  • Airfoils Center of Excellence.
  • Rotating Parts Center of Excellence.
  • Structures Center of Excellence.
  • Combustion Center of Excellence.
  • Mechanical Systems Center of Excellence.

In addition, engineers working on an engine receive strong support from such groups as system engineers. Dealing with the integration of individual engine elements and modules, the team of repair engineers developing and implementing new repairs or  a large calculation group concentrating on heat exchange, tip clearances or cooling air flows around individual engine components.

An additional advantage of the EDC Aviation team is the youngest team belonging to the Aviation Systems Department, which designs composite casings of jet engines and works on the structure of wings of passenger airplanes. Despite its relative short period of existence at the EDC, this team has managed to attract many experienced specialists from the aviation sector and highly talented graduates of Polish universities from technology, who are interested in developing their career in this particular field.
The EDC Energy Group work on the development and design of machinery for the power industry.
Thanks to the commitment and ideally selected group of engineers, it managed to achieve many successes in its work for GE Energy over a short period.
The main task of this group in Warsaw is designing elements, modules and entire components making up gas and steam turbines. One of the areas of interest to the team is an innovative coal gasification method, which allows a reduction of the pollutants released during electricity generation using coal.

EDC Energy consists of 5 teams: Aero Energy, Steam Turbine Center of Excellence, Components Center of Excellence-Gas Turbine, Services Engineering and Integrated Gasi-fication Combined Cycle.

Engineers working in the field of the oil industry – EDC OIL&GAS – have a rare opportunity in Poland to design prototype equipment for underwater oil mining. The Warsaw group of engineers is also responsible for the reliability of individual elements of turbines working all over the world and for analysing events which occur during the operation of these turbines by clients. Thanks to an excellently equipped materials laboratory, employees of EDC Oil&Gas are able to answer even the most difficult questions submitted to them from all over the world. The department owes its successes to the carefully selected personnel consisting of both experienced engineers and young, talented graduates of Polish universities and colleges. Thanks to such interesting issues, every employee of the department has
a chance of unlimited development in such
a prestigious and innovative sector as the oil industry.

EDC Oil&Gas  is divided into seven teams: Advanced Technology, Auxiliary Systems Engineering, Turbomachinery Design&Service, High Speed Reciprocating Compressors, Inquire to Order, Reliability and  VetcoGray.

Separation of appropriate discipline, specific teams and the ability to select the staff means that the quality of the services rendered is at the highest global level. The Engineering Design Center attaches enormous importance to improving the skills of its staff. Every year, Polish engineers participate in international projects of General Electric – Edison Engineering Development Program and Advanced Course in Engineering. Both these schemes allow young Polish researchers to acquaint themselves with the latest technologies and to empirically commune with knowledge passed to them by the best specialists in the world.

In addition, EDC employees take part in many civic and emancipation programmes, such as blood and bone marrow donations for children with leukaemia in Turkey,the Junior Achievement Programme, aimed at propagating education and education awareness among young scientists, or a mutual support network for women, which promotes their professional development.

Director of Engineering Design Center
Rafał Kajka, PhD Eng.
tel.: (+48) 22 397 25 21
e-mail: rafał.kajka@ge.com
Our website:  www.edcpolska.pl