Research Projects

Dear Sirs,

since its inception, the Institute of Aviation has been engaged in research aimed at practical application of the results of its work. The main areas of scientific interest included the development of aeronautics and astronautics. The Institute of Aviation achieved significant results in this field, confirmed by research and operation of aircraft, helicopters, meteorological rockets, engines and instrumentation, in which concepts developed at the Institute were deployed.

The development policy of the Institute of Aviation is based on continuing the traditional areas of research. These include aero-dynamics, design and testing of aviation structures, aviation instrumentation, propulsions and on intensive implementation of new areas, such as CAD, new materials testing techniques, design of adaptation systems, application of micro- and nano-technology, use of alternative energy sources, application of aviation technologies in medicine and health protection and finally local aviation transport.

Applied research and implementation works are carried out in cooperation with domestic scientific and manufacturing centers through joint projects and orders for research services.

The main stimulus for the development of the research conducted at the Institute of Aviation is international cooperation with global and European aviation companies.

In the late 1990s, multinational concerns noticed the research potential of the Institute of Aviation and the opportunities offered by effective utilisation of the engineers educated in Poland. In cooperation with General Electric strong turbine engines, power machinery and gas and oil mining and a processing and transport equipment design and testing center have been created.

A natural consequence of the entry of the Institute of Aviation in the global research services market has been the establishment of the materials testing center, which in its initial phase was supported by Pratt &Whitney in performance of its offset obligations.

Poland’s membership in the European Union has created wide opportunities for cooperation in the area of applied research and development work. The Institute of Aviation has successfully joined the European research area thanks to its partnership participation in the EU programmes. Another impulse was provided by the Operational Projects carried out by the Institute of Aviation.

The position of the Institute depends on the quality and commitment of its employees.

A generation switch has taken place. Research teams consist of young, well educated employees, who thanks to the projects carried out by the Institute can realise their scientific and professional ambitions. The Institute of Aviation supports them in their endeavours.

The Institute of Aviation is in a phase of dynamic development resulting from correct strategic decisions, consistent pursuit of the chosen directions and the quality, activity and commitment of its employees to this process.

Kind regards,
Paweł Stężycki, PhD Eng.
Director of Institute of Aviation

Current projects

The Institute of Aviation cooperates with a number of R&D and production sites from European Union countries, Canada and the United States of America. In addition to the work of a commercial nature we have participated or are currently participating in the following research projects: