IT Platform

Project titled: “Development of the IT platform consolidating and virtualising the Institute of Aviation servers for knowledge and technology transfer as well as for the security of IT resources” is the largest project of this type in our history to date intended to comprehensively modernise the network infrastructure at the Institute of Aviation.

The Institute of Aviation is one of the largest scientific and research centres in Poland and in Europe rendering high quality engineering services on the global research and development market. The level of services offered by the Institute of Aviation is confirmed by the agreements concluded with the largest aviation concerns in the world like Pratt & Whitney, and with the companies within the General Electric capital group: General Electric Aircraft Engines, General Electric Aviation, General Electric Energy and General Electric Oil & Gas. The Institute of Aviation also organises many sector conferences, trainings and events aimed at reinforcing the Polish R&D sector and promotion of global collaboration in the field of scientific research.

In order to guarantee our Contractors still improved conditions of cooperation and ensure continuing R&D sector development and improve the security of the works conducted at the Institute of Aviation, we have decided to modernise the IT infrastructure to provide highly efficient everyday work in a modern organisation.

Thanks to the financial support received through Measure 2.3 of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013, the Institute of Aviation is equipped to carry out the comprehensive modernisation of the network infrastructure, ERP system and other necessary network services, thereby implementing the goals of the Measure, which include providing the scientific community in Poland with sustainable and secure access to advanced information infrastructure, enabling the conduct of innovative research using information society technologies and provision of access to international scientific teleinformation networks to scientific units based in Poland.

In order to facilitate the identification of our Project, we have given it the following cryptonym: “”:

  • – ILOT, as it is a project run by the Institute of Aviation.
  • – 10, because it is our goal to provide 10GbE (10 Gigabit Ethernet) network standard.
  • – IT, since this is an IT project.
  • – EU, because the project can be implemented thanks to the support of the European Union.

Project website:

The Operational Programme Innovative Economy
Measure: 2.3. Investments connected with the development of Information Infrastructure for science
Sub-measure: 2.3.1. Projects in the scope of the development of information infrastructure for science
Project Manager: mgr inż. Kamil Gliniewski

Timeframe for execution of project: 01/10/2012 – 30/06/2015