Scientific Publishers

The Scientific Publishers Division of the Institute of Aviation systematically edits and publishes articles and books by top Polish and foreign scientists, employees of both the Institute of Aviation and other organizations actively engaged in the aviation sector.

The Scientific Publishers Division bases its choice of materials for publication on the recommendations of the Editing Committee, comprised of representatives of the different research centers of the Institute of Aviation. Each book, article or announcement is reviewed by eminent Polish academics and scientists to ensure that the publications are of the highest scientific value and interest.

Scientific Publishers fall into four groups.

Scientific Library of the Institute of Aviation

A series on aviation and related areas, scientific monographs and other works.

Transactions of the Institute of Aviation

A quarterly in English featuring articles on major research works and projects carried out by the Institute of Aviation, statutory works and works funded by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, conference and symposium proceedings and other announcements. The quarterly also features habilitation papers of the Institute’s employees in Polish.

Journal of Polish-American Science and Technology

Journal of Polish-American Science and Technology, which deals with entrepreneurial issues, opportunities and challenges posed by US – Polish cooperation. The Journal also discusses issues connected with the energy sector, space technologies and telecommunications, biological and medical engineering, health care and environmental protection.

Historical Library of the Institute of Aviation

Collection dedicated to the history of technological advancement in Poland and in the world, contribution of Polish engineers to the development of aviation and the development of scientific thought and research.