Galiński Cezary


dr hab. inż. Cezary Galiński

Scientific interests:

Aircraft design, construction and testing.

Most important publications:

  1. Brzozowski J., Galinski C., Mieloszyk J., Piechna J. (2013). Contra-rotating propeller for fixed wing MAV. Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, 85(4), 304–325.
  2. Mamla P., Galinski C. (2009). Basic induced drag study of the joined-wing aircraft. AIAA Journal of Aircraft, 46(4), 1438–1440.
  3. Galinski C., Zbikowski R. (2007). Some problems of micro air vehicles development. Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 55(1), 91–98.
  4. Galinski C. (2006). Gust resistant Fixed Wing Micro Air Vehicle. AIAA Journal of Aircraft, 43(5), 1586–1588.
  5. Galinski C., Goraj Z. (2004). Experimental and numerical results obtained for a scaled RPV and a full size aircraft. Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, 76(3), 305–313.