Wolański Piotr


prof. dr hab. inż. Piotr Wolański


Research interests:

Propulsion (aviation and aerospace), piston engines, combustion, explosion security, space research and collision of asteroids with planetary bodies.

Most important publications:

  1. Wolański P. (2013). Polish Contribution to Space Research. Pol. J. Aviat. Med. Psychol, 19(3), 45–52.
  2. Wolański P. (2013). Detonative Propulsion. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 34, 125–158.
  3. S. Frolov, F. Zhang and P. Wolański (2010). Explosions Dynamics and Hazards. TORUS PRESS, Moscow.
  4. Wolanski P. (2010). Development of the continuous rotating detonation engines. Progress in Pulsed and Continuous Detonations, edited by G.D. Roy and S.M. Frolov, Moscow, Torus Press, 395–406.
  5. Hishida M., Fujiwara T. and Wolanski P. (2009). Fundamentals of rotating detonation. Shock Waves, 19, 1–10.