The Institute of Aviation in project Baltic.Air.Cargo.Net


11 October, 2012 was published an paper of Maciej Mączka, summarizing the work of the team from the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw involved in the project “Baltic.Air.Cargo.Net” on the using of gravity model in cargo flows predicting. The “Baltic.Air.Cargo.Net” was approved by the Monitoring Committee for the ITERREG IVB Baltic Sea region on 10 June 2010. Amount of about 3 million contracted for 36 months, which were distributed among the partners from Germany, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, UK and Belarus, will be allocated to strengthen the aviation sector freight and logistics to improve the accessibility of areas of southern Europe, Russia and central Asia and China. The project will contribute to the creating of new impulses of the economy. The idea of the project bases on the observation that despite the existence of many well-developed regional airports, they remain in isolation from the international air cargo market, which prevents their further development.

The whole article of Maciej Mączka you can read here


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