18th Polish-American
on Science and Technology
24-25 May 2018
The Institute of Aviation

Warsaw, Poland

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What is the aim of the Conference?

The purpose of the 18th Conference is to bring together people from academic, industry, and government organizations.

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We invite and encourage participation in the 18th Polish-American Conference on science and technology.

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This conference runs through all 2 days from 16 - 17 May 2016.
Day 1
16 maja 2016
Day 2
17 maja 2016

Opening Remarks

Moderated by Rafał Kajka, Deputy Director of the Institute of Aviation

Welcome address

Witold Wiśniowski, Institute of Aviation

Welcome address

Mike Benzakein, Ohio State University

The Morawiecki Plan and its implications on Polish-American cooperation

Minister Jerzy Kwieciński, Ministry of Development

Welcome address

Kathleen Morenski, Political Counsellor, US Embassy

90 years of the Institute of Aviation

Rafał Kajka, Institute of Aviation

Aerospace Technologies Session

Moderated by Professor Piotr Wolański, Institute of Aviation

Additive Manufacturing in Aviation

Jen Pinson, Business General Aviation, GE Aviation

Electric Propulsion: Challenges and Opportunities

Mike Benzakein, Ohio State University

Predix, Digital Technologies and Analytics

Łukasz Romaniuk, GE Aviation, Poland
Tomasz Pancewicz, GE Aviation, Poland

Clean Sky 2 programs at GE Aviation

Massimiliano Di Domenico, GE Aviation Germany

Aerospace Technologies Session Continued

Moderated by Professor Piotr Wolański, Institute of Aviation

Aviation Turboprop CoE in Europe

Milan Slapak, Business General Aviation, GE Aviation
Paweł Buczek, GE Aviation

Pitch Change Mechanism for Open Rotor

Aleksander Szymandera, GE Aviation, Poland

Discussion panel

Moderated by Professor Roman Domański, Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Aviation

Perspectives and opportunities for accelerating Polish-American cooperation in Science and Technology

Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz, Ministry of Economic Development
Mike Benzakein, Ohio State University
Ronald J. Kurjanowicz, RJK Consulting
Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska, Ohio State University
Grzegorz Kozłowski, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Magda Nizik, General Electric Company Polska
Zdobysław Goraj, Warsaw University of Technology
Rajmund Bacewicz, Warsaw University of Technology

Energy and the Environment Session Part 1

Moderated by Professor Roman Domański, Institute of Aviation

New technologies in Energy

Minister Michał Kurtyka, Ministry of Energy

Energy and the Environment Session Part 1 Cont.

Moderated by Professor Roman Domański, Institute of Aviation

Solutions in electrification of land and air vehicles (working title)

Lech Grzesiak, Warsaw University of Technology

Energy and Environment (working title)

Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska, Ohio State University

Energy and Environment Session Part 2

Moderated by Professor Roman Domański, Institute of Aviation

Dynamic Strategy of Polish Energy Sector

Minister Andrzej J. Piotrowski, Ministry of Energy

Gas Turbine Development based on new GE H class

Karol Leszczyński, GE Power Poland
Barbara Toczek, GE Power Poland

Digital Power Plant

Rafał Stocki, Institute of Aviation

Defense and Security Session

Moderated by Professor Adam Wiśniewski, Institute of Aviation

Strategic Thinking in a Connected World

William Power, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Advanced Tilt Rotor concepts

Chris Gehler, Bell helicopters

Technology Education Session

Moderated by Professor Zdobysław Goraj, Institute of Aviation

Manufacturing Global Engineers

Don Hempson, Ohio State University

Policies of internationalization of 3rd cycle higher education (PhD+)

Juliusz Szymczak Gałkowski, Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Technology Education Session Cont.

Moderated by Professor Zdobysław Goraj, Institute of Aviation

Cross disciplinary education; way to educate new era engineers

Tadeusz Uhl, AGH University of Science and Technology

Engineer 2025 – new trends in technical education

Mirosław Sobaniec, GE Aviation Poland

Closing remarks

Mike Benzakein, Professor, The Ohio State University Witold Wiśniowski, Institute of Aviation

If your submitted presentation does not figure in this conference plan, please kindly contact the organizers at pac@ilot.edu.pl for information about publication and the poster session. Thank you.


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