18th Polish-American
on Science and Technology
24-25 May 2018
The Institute of Aviation

Warsaw, Poland

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What is the aim of the Conference?

The purpose of the 18th Conference is to bring together people from academic, industry, and government organizations.

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We invite and encourage participation in the 18th Polish-American Conference on science and technology.

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This conference runs through all 2 days from 16 - 17 May 2016.
Day 1
24 maja 2018
Day 2
25 maja 2018

Aerospace Technologies (advances in Air, Space, and UAV technology) – Part I

Moderated by Professor Piotr Wolański and Professor Mike Benzakein


Jan Kotlarz, Mariusz Kacprzak, Natalia Zalewska - Institute of Aviation

Expert Panel

"Death Valley" - Challenges in the commercialization of research and development results.

Aerospace Technologies (advances in Air, Space, and UAV technology) – Part II

Moderated by Professor Piotr Wolański and Professor Mike Benzakein

Aircraft Arresting Systems

Msc Eng. Alex Del Grosso Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation /ESCO/

Defense and Security

Moderated by Professor Cezary Szczepański and Director Leszek Loroch


Polish Armaments Group

Research and Development of Rocket Propulsion for the Space Probe

Miroslaw Kowalski - Air Force Institute of Technology - ITWL
Antoni Jankowski - Institute of Aviation ILOT

Health monitoring of composite aerial structures

Krzysztof Dragan - Air Force Institute of Technology - ITWL

New unmanned aerial targets – Preliminary study and conceptual design

Dariusz Rykaczewski - Air Force Institute of Technology - ITWL

Developing trends in New Technologies

Moderated by Professor Mark Turner, Director Sylwester Wyka and Director Dawid Hess


The Civil Aviation Authority (ULC)


PhD. Aleksander Sobolewski - Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal

Advances in Turbomachinery Design and Optimization

Professor Mark Turner - University of Cincinnati

Electricity Storage in Energy Clusters

Grzegorz Kunikowski - Warsaw University of Technology

New manufacturing and materials (Composites, Additive Manufacturing, etc.)

Moderated by Professor Maciej Bossak and Director Konrad Kozaczuk

Synthesis and Application of Modern Energetic Materials

Rafał Bogusz, Katarzyna Gańczyk-Specjalska, Rafał Lewczuk - Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry

Silicon carbide materials for aviation and ballistic applications

Krzysztof Perkowski - Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials

Quasi-static and dynamic test of energy absorbing 3D printed structures

Rafał Jakubowski, Sebastian Szałkowski, Professor Adam Wiśniewski - Institute of Aviation

If your submitted presentation does not figure in this conference plan, please kindly contact the organizers at pac@ilot.edu.pl for information about publication and the poster session. Thank you.


The Institute of Aviation
al. Krakowska 110/114, 02-256 Warsaw Poland

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