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last update: 23.05.2018

Conference Chairman: Professor Roman Domański – Institute of Aviation

Welcome Address

Director Paweł Stężycki & Professor Mike Benzakein

Overview of the Polish ILX-34 passenger airplane

Director Paweł Stężycki – Institute of Aviation

Presentation of signataries with commemorative medals

Official awarding of PhD Dipomas to Institute of Aviation graduates

Aerospace Technologies (advances in Air, Space, and UAV technology) – Part I

Moderated by Professor Piotr Wolański and Professor Mike Benzakein

Research on Application of Continuously Rotating Detonation to Rocket Engine

Professor Piotr Wolański – Institute of Aviation
Michał Kawalec – Institute of Aviation

Drones in Poland – the potential of unmanned technologies.

Michał Witkowski – Acting Vice President of the Civil Aviation Authority for Aviation Standards (ULC)

Expert Panel moderated by Professor Roman Domański

„Valley of Death” – Challenges in the commercialization of research and development results.

1. Prof. Roman Domański (ILOT)
2. Marian Lubieniecki (GE)
3. Prof. Mike Benzakein (OSU)
4. Prof. Mark Turner (UofC)
5. Prof. Tadeusz Uhl (AGH)
6. Alan Chmiel (ZIN Technologies)

Aerospace Technologies (advances in Air, Space, and UAV technology) – Part II

Moderated by Professor Piotr Wolański and Professor Mike Benzakein

Institute of Aviation team in the NIAS flight testing campaign of the UTM System

Professor Cezary Galiński – Institute of Aviation
Krzysztof Łowczycki – Institute of Aviation

Design, development, and flight testing of a beyond line-of-sight UAS

Matthew McCrink – Research Scientist – OSU

Defense and Security

Moderated by Professor Cezary Szczepański and Director Leszek Loroch

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Tomasz Gugała – UAS Programs Director – Polish Armaments Group

Research and Development of Rocket Propulsion for the Space Probe

Miroslaw Kowalski – Air Force Institute of Technology – ITWL
Antoni Jankowski – Institute of Aviation

Rocket technology development at Institute of Aviation

Adam Okniński – Institute of Aviation

New unmanned aerial targets – Preliminary study and conceptual design

Dariusz Rykaczewski – Air Force Institute of Technology – ITWL

Developing trends in New Technologies

Moderated by Professor Mark Turner and Director Sylwester Wyka

Smart mobility in smart cities – are we ready for autonomous driving?

Professor Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezińska – OSU

Advances in Turbomachinery Design and Optimization

Professor Mark Turner – University of Cincinnati

New manufacturing and materials (Composites, Additive Manufacturing, etc.)

Moderated by Professor Maciej Bossak and Director Konrad Kozaczuk

Health monitoring of composite aerial structures

Krzysztof Dragan – Air Force Institute of Technology – ITWL

Synthesis and Application of Modern Energetic Materials

Rafał Bogusz, Katarzyna Gańczyk-Specjalska, Rafał Lewczuk – Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry

Silicon carbide materials for aviation and ballistic applications

Krzysztof Perkowski – Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials

Quasi-static and dynamic test of energy absorbing 3D printed structures

Rafał Jakubowski, Sebastian Szałkowski, Professor Adam Wiśniewski – Institute of Aviation