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01. Chołożyński E.

Tytuł: Implementation of Flight Tests in Order to Develop new Flight Techniques for Takeoffs and Landing in a Limited Space for Helicopter W-3A SOKÓŁ

02. Dziubiński A., Grzegorczyk K.

Tytuł: Study of the Influence of Helicopter’s External Components on the Aerodynamic Characteristics

03. Dziubiński A., Grzegorczyk K., Żółtak J.

Tytuł: CFD Analysis of External Armour Influence on a Helicopter Aerodynamic Characteristics

04. Georgiades F., Warmiński J.

Tytuł: Excitation of a Localized Nonlinear Normal Mode of a Bladed Disc Assembly Lump Mass Nonlinear Model

05. Latalski J., Georgiades F., Warminski J.

Tytuł: Mode Shapes Variation of a Composite Beam with Piezoelectric Patches

06. Monoach E., Mitura A., Samborski S., Warmiński J.

Tytuł: Vibration and Damage Detections of Composite Beams with Defects

07. Miller M.

Tytuł: Rotor Blade Segment with Piezoactuated Trailing-Edge Flap for Dynamic Pressure Measurements

08. Miller M., Stalewski W.

Tytuł: The Numerical Analysis of Properties of the Trailing-Edge Flap on the ILH412M-S Rotor Blade Airfoil

09. Parafiniak M., Skalski P.

Tytuł: Vibration Testing of a Helicopter Main Rotor Composite Blade

10. Stalewski W., Sznajder J.

Tytuł: Possibilities of Improvement of Directional Control Effectiveness of Light Gyroplane at High-Angle-Of-Attack Flight Conditions

11. Sznajder J.

Tytuł: Effectiveness of an Inverted-V-Shaped Control Surfaces of a Gyroplane at Low Speed and High Angles of Attack