Pierwotną wersją czasopisma jest wersja elektroniczna ISSN 2300-5408

01. Dariusz Trzmielak

Title: Cooperation of scientific centres and companies on implementation of research results

02. Małgorzata Pluta-Olearnik

Title: International orientation in the strategy of scientific and research institution

03. Bogdan Sojkin, Jakub Jasiczak

Title: Determinants in the marketing of a research and scientific institution

04. Agnieszka Izabela Baruk

Title: The role of personal marketing in forming the image of a science organization

05. Marcin Gębarowski

Title: Educational Fairs as a Form of Promotion of Higher Education Institutions

06. Aneta Olejniczak

Title: Event marketing as one of the forms of marketing innovation in scientific and research institutions

07. Radosław Dawidziuk

Title: Google AdWords Advertising in Higher Education Marketing

08. Witold Świeczak

Title: Content marketing as an important element of marketing strategy of scientific institutions

09. Dominika Hirsch

Title: International marketing communication - Cultural context

10. Zbigniew Chmielewski, Dariusz Tworzydło, Hubert Ochmański

Title: Image Development in the Internet - Opportunities and Threats

11. Jose Ignacio Monrabal

Title: Marketing Communications in Industrial B2B Markets enhancing the Value of the Corporate Brand relying on Common Added Values

12. Natalia Osica

Title: Virtual press office as an efficient tool for scientific communication

13. Lidia Białoń

Title: Building an Image of a Higher Education Institution as an Instrument of Mega Marketing

14. Iris Kaiser

Title: Communication between scientific-research institutions and their target groups in the Web 3.0 System

15. Michel Muszynski

Title: Competitions with electronic simulators for WINDOWS&ANDROID as marketing tools of academic institutions