Pierwotną wersją czasopisma jest wersja elektroniczna ISSN 2300-5408

1. Marcelina Bobrowska, Michał Barcikowski

Dependence of the damage area on impact energy in filament - wound composite tubes

2. Mykola G. Chernyak, Iryna M. Baranovska, Semen V. Terokhin

Ensuring identification accuracy of navigational accelerometer's conversion function parameters in the gravity field of the Earth

3. Zbigniew Gut

Selected application of electrical capacitance tomography in monitoring of combustion process

4. Jan Kindracki

Recent research on the rotating detonation at the Warsaw University of Technology

5. Piotr Kowalczyk

On applications of optical full-field strain measurements in validation and examination procedures

6. Konrad Kozaczuk

Automated fiber placement systems overview

7. Konrad Kozaczuk, Małgorzata Zalewska

Composite testing laboratory performance development based on Lean Sigma approach - case study

8. Wojciech Krauze

Modern process of composite structures manufacturing based on CAD definition of the composite

9. Oleg L. Lemko, Aleksandra Molodchyk, Konstantin Predachenko

Experimental determination of aerodynamic characteristics of the plane's wing with the volume generators of whirlwinds on the front edge

10. Mateusz Lis

Numerical analysis and optimization of motoglider's propeller structure

11. Vasiliy Loginov, Yevgeniy Ukraintes

Analysis of operational characteristics of aviation diesel and gas turbine engines for light passenger aircraft

12. Maciej Mączka

Accessibility model for the evaluation of transport infrastructure policy

13. Maciej Mączka

National transport network in Poland - defining a graph for 2015

14. Maciej Mączka

Evaluation of the transport policy in Poland using daily accessibility indicator - 2015 and 2030

15. Maciej Mączka

Assessment of an alternative mode of transport impact on accessibility in Poland - "SAT226" in 2030

16. Robert Placek

Errors and problems while conducting research studies in a wind tunnel - selected examples

17. Romana Ratkiewicz, Jan Kotlarz

Does the interstellar bow shock exist around the heliosphere?

18. Paweł Skalski, Klaudia Kalita

Implementation of magnetorheological elastomers in transport

19. Adam Sieradzki

Gurney Flap and T-Strip influence on stabilizer aerodynamic effectiveness and hinge moment characteristics

20. Ewelina Szpakowska-Peas, Mariusz Krawczyk

Selected problems of electronic equipment design in rocketry

21. Stanislav Kopylov, Krzysztof Szafran

Mathematical modelling of fluid flow in the doubly connected area

22. Jakub Wilk

Numerical modelling of fatigue delamination growth in laminates under model I loading conditions using VCCT

23. Jakub Wilk

Development and implementation of a testing method for the characterization of interlaminar delamination propagation in laminates under fatigue mode I loading conditions

24. Jakub Wilk

Development and implementation of a testing method for the characterization of interlaminar delamination propagation in laminates under fatigue mode II loading conditions

25. Adam Wiśniewski, Anna Sałacińska, Rafał Szymański, Angelika Kunikowska

Manufacturing of composites samples with graphene

26. Adam Wiśniewski, Anna Sałacińska, Jakub Wilk

Impact testing of carbon fiber-epoxy resin composite with graphene

27. Adam Wiśniewski, Anna Sałacińska, Jakub Wilk

Compression after impact testing of carbon-epoxy resin composites samples with graphene

28. Natalia Zalewska

Modelling of spectra with and without dust from Martian surface based on infrared data

29. Pamela Bugała, Adam Dziubiński

Interaction of heavy aircraft wakes